April 18th, 2005

MST3K - fish

WHAT? The future.

Just made two posts on WHAT (http://s3.invisionfree.com/waverley/index.php?). Am contemplating making a third, because I'm just that awesome, yo. Of course, it's 1.20 in the morning, and I have things to do early tomorrow. Like find out where the fuck my camera bag went to after I left it in my GT room. 'Cause it sure as hell wasn't there when I checked after Religions. I also have after school DETENTION tomorrow, 'cause of my constant ditching on Photo. I sure hope that my thisclose to truancy record won't keep me from getting in to Metro (the school which, at last check, I could get a 0.5 GPA and get into).

Interesting plans for the future my mother hath mentioned:

- She thinks it would be cool if I go and get my GED after I turn 16, drop out of high school, and start at Metro State. Next freaking year. Sweet Jesus, how awesome would that be? Of course, I'd have to apply for the spring semester, but still. That would give me another semester of maturing to do, and I'd maybe get some courses I'd like.

- After I do go to college, my parents are planning on adopting a boy between the ages of 3 and 9. Which is awesome, because that's my favorite age range to deal with children! A little brother would be awesome. We'd probably adopt him from the orphanage in Lithuania that Aunt Martha and Uncle Bob adopted the twins from.

So, in less than a year, I could be in college! And not long after that, I could have a baby brother!

Still need to find that damn camera, though.
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MST3K - fish

Lalalalalalalala *in musical tones*

Agh, music war. Everyone in Sloan's room blaring their music as loud as they can get away with (including Sloan).

Also, my camera bag is officially missing. And you just know Hilf is gonna think I'm lying. Maaaaan. This sucks.
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MST3K - fish

Muzak, dawg.

01) Total number of music files on my computer:

None on my laptops. On my desktop, 163, currently. I still have about a billion CDs I haven't copied over, though.

02) The last CD I bought was...:

Either that one Snow Patrol CD, or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones' "Let's Face It".

03) Song Playing Right Now:

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - "Let's Face It". I love that song. "Be racist/be sexist/be bigots/be sure/we won't stand for your hate".

04) Five + songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in alphabetical order):

Instead, I'll list all the songs I gave a four or five star rating to on iTunes.
New Found Glory - "Second to Last"
The Clash - "I Fought the Law"
New Found Glory - "Better Off Dead"
New Found Glory - "Sincerely Me"
New Found Glory - "Hit or Miss"
American Hi-Fi - "The Art of Losing"
Barenaked Ladies - "One Week"
Chumbawamba - "Tubthumping"
Eve 6 - "You Really Got Me"
Good Charlotte - "Little Things"
Green Day - "Outsider"
Law & Order - "Trial By Jury Theme"
Steadman - "Wave Goodbye"
U2 - "Vertigo"
Vonray - "Inside Out"
46Bliss - "The Way You Are"
Nikkfurie - "The A La Menthe"

5) Which 5 people are you passing this baton to & why?

Everyone. You know who you are!
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MST3K - fish


I must inform you all, right now, that I very well may quit watching NCIS if Kate and Tony get together. Well, if they stay together anyway. And if there's any crap where Kate changes Tony's mind from his "marriage was only supposed to last for about five years anyway, Anthropology 101, I'm never getting married" mindset. Then I will get pissed and watch Gilmore Girls instead. Yes, even the episodes without Finn or Doyle! I mean it!

Now, let us all pray that Tony gets together with Gibbs, or McGee, or hell, even Paula Cassidy!
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