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April 19th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Somewhat irreverant, I suppose.

The new pope looks evil. I already miss John Paul II.

Although, you know, he died at just six years older than this Benedict XVI. Think we might have another pope in a couple months, like what happened before John Paul II? Hm...
MST3K - fish

Detention Und Math.

Gawd, I've got stupid after school detention again. Stuuuupid. Oh well, I've got the Hearse Case Scenario and random-CSI-book to keep my occupied. And my deck of cards! I didn't get in trouble for playing Solitaire last time I was in detention, hopefully I won't this time, either.

And if all else fails, I can do some more math work. We've started on Trig, which seemed really intimidating, but I have now dubbed EASY THING EVER. Seriously. On the quiz we had on it? I was finished in under three minutes. And there were ten problems! Jeez.

Or I could do that way-too-frikkin-large Business Law wordsearch.
MST3K - fish

Sorry for the informercial, but this is muy importante!

Attention! Any and all people living in the United States who loves - or even likes - rugby! Please, please, PLEASE fill out this survey!


Fox World Sports has switched to all soccer, all the time. So we're trying to get a Rugby Channel! Come on, folks!
MST3K - fish

"Hot Dogs" Spoilers!!!!OMG!


I loved that episode.


Even if during the great LoVe (or Vogon, or Vegan, or what-the-hell-ever they're calling themselves these days) scene, my first reaction was "Leo!"

Logan was awesome. With his pointing just as the bell rings, and his melodramatic flop on to the couch, and the "What's this? A string attached to my Pop-Tart?" line. And for that matter the "Ah, a tart from a tart."

And Leo, my sweetie. You may not want Veronica to call you sweet, but can I? Pleeeeeease? I wanna give him a big cookie and a hug. He's such a sweetie! And he ain't bad at what he does. If (when) "Sheriff" Lamb gets fired/demoted, if Keith doesn't want his job back (even though then he'll hopefully be supporting three kids, if Wallace's brother ever reappears - shut UP, I do NOT live in a fantasy world!), Leo should be sheriff. That would be awesome.

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Jeez-us, I hope DeChe' watched it. Or I will totally kick her ass.