April 20th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Gamers are l00s3rz

There are so many gamer-losers in Sloan's right now that there was only one free computer - ONE - when I came in. And there's only two or three people in here using computers for some purpose not playing Unreal Tournament, or whatever they're playing. And there are so many gamers that there are two who don't have computers (they came in after I got the last computer), so they're playing Sloan's Pong game on the TV. Jeez.

Rugby game this afternoon, but it starts at 5. Aka, 15 minutes after I get out of detention. So me? Probably not going to be in it. Sigh.

And I wish these crazy plot bunnies insisting that Leo from Veronica Mars and Tony from NCIS are cousins would just leave me ALONE! Gaaaah.
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