April 24th, 2005

MST3K - fish

More proof that I shouldn't stay up late.

A night of Advil-enhanced sleep does wonders for my disposition, I've decided. Because I've been taking it since Wednesday night, and I've been in a good mood since Thursday. It's slightly disturbing. Maybe it's because I take three Advil. Hm. Perhaps I'm an addict now! That would be interesting. Would I have to attend drug therapy if I was addicted to Advil? Maybe I'd have to go to the bad girl's school over by Joe's neighborhood! Ooo...

Or maybe I'll just go to bed. Or at least use these odd ramblings to fuel this fic that's bugging me to write it. Main characters are Marcus Flint, Zacharias Smith, and Colin Creevey! It's like a really bizarre Three's Company, only nothing like Three's Company! Whoo!
MST3K - fish

RPG woes.

That's it!

I give up!

There is not a single decent post-Hogwarts HP RPG anywhere! ANYWHERE!

I might just go and make my own! Unfortunately, that requires plotting, which I suck at. And all those rules and stuff to type up. Nah, I'm too lazy to make my own. But still, what I wouldn't give for one non-angsty post-Hogwarts RPG that can get its facts and spellings right.

Tied for the most irritaiting:

"Collin Creeves"
Victoria Frobisher, Slytherin
Zacharias Smith, evil
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MST3K - fish

Birds and Styles

We have a bird trapped in our house.

No, really.

I was lying in bed, not fully awake, and there's this wild flapping that freaks me out. Turns out, the bird flew into my room. It's currently in my dad's computer desk.

Anyway, been taking a look at the new styles coming up (http://www.livejournal.com/users/news/84868.html). I'm liking the Flexible Squares - Black and White and Red All Over the best. Think I'll switch to that when it's available.