April 25th, 2005

MST3K - fish

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I hate these stupid school computers. AOL isn't loading, although it will say I've got two messages. Gee, thanks AOL! Now hold still while I get the Uzi...
MST3K - fish

Business Law! Whoo-hoo!

Check it. I got mad skillz, yo.

In Business Law today, he gave us these three worksheets to work on. Whenever someone sitting near me needed help, they'd always ask me (because I tend to give them a clear answer, whereas Mr. Henry is very much one of those "What do you think?" teachers). And he added this extra credit question - you know the question. You've got a chicken, a wolf, and a bag of grain, and you need to get them all across this river. However, you can only take one at a time, and if you leave the chicken with the wolf, the wolf will eat the chicken, and if you leave the chicken with the grain, the chicken will eat the grain. How do you get them all across?

As can be expected, the arrogant alternative types decided to "think outside the box" (as the saying goes, I will support thinking outside the box when there's more evidence that there's thinking inside of it) by coming up with ever-so-clever ideas like "Have the chicken eat the grain, and the wolf eat the chicken, and take the wolf across!" or "tie the wolf to a tree, take the grain across"... you get the idea.

So I, rolling my eyes, give the answer to those sitting near me - also known as those who just gave up when they couldn't reach a logical answer instead of coming up with "hilarious" "coooool" ideas. So the only people who are going to get extra credit in the class are me and what I've heard those rawker-antidisestablishmentarianism types refer to as "C students". Part of me really wants to just rub it in their faces that they're not as smart as they think they are, and that they've got ugly personalities to boot.

But alas, that's going to be me one day. And I usually like to keep my hypocritical views between me and the entire World Wide Web. That being said, I will slap that uppity bitch who sits caddy-corner to me if she gives me that "My god, what an idiot" look again just because I corrected her when she was helping someone out on a problem.
MST3K - fish

Hm. I've possibly mentioned this before.

You know what I want to do? Sleep. Sleep lots. Of course, it's only 6.45, so if I went to bed now I'd be up a bit earlier than I need to be. Maybe I'll go get my headphones out of the car and watch my Law & Order: SVU season one DVDs. Watch some Cassidy. Love me some Cassidy. Hell, love me some Dean Winters! I'm actually going to be watching CSI: Miami's season finale for Dean Winters! It tells you a lot, that the powers of Dean Winters can overpower the Ho!caine. (SPOILER: And they're supposed to be brothers. Guess we know who got all the good genes there, eh?)
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