April 26th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Alas, alack.

Turns out that all of my friends are planning to go to Homecoming next year as "goths".*

Turns out that they've been planning this since last Homecoming.

Turns out that all of them forgot to tell me until today - oh, wait, sorry, they "thought [I] was there, we're always discussing it!"

I felt like I ought to be annoyed, or hurt, or something, but in reality all I thought was "Greeeeeat. Hey, I wonder if I can find any good Cassidy fanfiction on the 'Net." (Note: I was told this as Nets and I were leaving World Religions - her to lunch, me to the library, so it wasn't quite as geeky as it sounded.)

* I am now sorely tempted to show up in furs and a battle ax.
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MST3K - fish


Holy crap.

Is it September 30th yet?

Reason why I ask: Because the Serenity movie trailer? FREAKING ROCKS. My God, I have to wait HOW long to see it? That's it. I am totally making all of my friends - ALL - go see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on Friday, as soon as possible. So they can see the BDM's trailer in all it's Western sci-fi glory. Amen.

For now, though? Sleep. 'Cause the stupid ACTs (or, as we intellimegent juniors call 'em, "ace-its") are tomorrow, starting at seven forty freakin' five. On the plus side, forty minute periods the rest of the day! Whoo! And I'm downloading the trailer on to my PDA so I can show everyone the wonders of Serenity. Not during the test, of course.
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