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April 29th, 2005

MST3K - fish


Leeeeeet's see.

Seven Hills

Century 16

Chinese Mann (only not anymore)

Probably going to Seven Hills, although they've got pretty crappy food. I THINK they're the cheapest. No idea, really. The chiropractor's nearest Chinese. Hm. I guess I'll ask Joe and my mother where they want to go.

I want to do something. Something... that's something. Gah. I can't even think right now.
MST3K - fish


Was awesome! But now I've got "So Long, And Thanks For All the Fish" stuck in my head! Stupid dolphins.
MST3K - fish

Oz quotes

As c/ped from IMDB. Warning, lots of naughty words and references!
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MST3K - fish

Advil and Esuvee.

To sleep, perchance to dream!

Shit, I still haven't taken that Advil I need. And I also need to put on some of this... hell, I'm calling it bruisebalm, since that's what it would be called in Tamora Pierce land! Gawd, I'm pathetic.

Anywho... Am contemplating writing some Cassidy fic. But what would it be about? I'm so not the go-to girl for plots that make sense, y'know. I'll figure something out.