May 3rd, 2005

MST3K - fish



That episode was...


Not only a who's who of the 09ers, but also... freakin' awesome. As is the opener for the finale.

And I started to rank the 09ers on level of skeeziness. Needless to say, Beaver is pretty low on the skeeze level. I almost feel sorry for the guy, having a dick like Dick for a brother. And Ronnie mentioned Leo! Her favorite deputy! Go Leo!

(I'm focusing on the little things because the big things are far too much to contemplate right now. I'm in shock. My God.
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    L&O:TBJ. I need Salazar and Stabler in a scene together ASAP
MST3K - fish

LO:TBJ and defense lawyers

The defense lawyer on this episode Law & Order: Trial By Jury is awesome. Whittaker? Yeah, that's his name. He's hot.

And what IS it with me and defense attorneys? Whittaker, Cliffie... You know what I'm going to end up doing? Marrying a defense attorney. It's like, predestined, or some crap, maybe.

Haha. Kibre totally kicked Whittaker's ass. Poor Whittaker. I'll give him a hug!

He's smart. And cool. I mean, yeah, defending a rapist, but... still. You know what we need? A L&O from the side of the defense. With Whittaker as star. That legal assistant for the prosecution is pretty hot too, in a geeky way. And Salazar, as always, is mm. Kirk Acevedo, I heart you!

Um, I'm tired. I need sleep. And need to quit thinking of... things. And stuff. Haha. My leg hurts. It's aaaaall bruiseded up!

I wanna write a NCIS fic. Maybe I'll make a casefile! Using my tried-and-true choosing-the-plot-from-cards way of writing a story! I've already got pages for CSI and L&O:SVU (one that will have some mixage with Narcotics, because mm, Dean Winters), why not NCIS?
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    End of TBJ