May 5th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Evasive maneuvers, stat!

Me. Kill. Unreal players. NOW!

Or, y'know, not.

So, I'm trying to come up with ways to avoid practice tonight. The 'fake-being-injured' thing didn't work on Tuesday (and had the nasty side effect of actually giving me an injury), so I'm thinking the 'race-home-and-fall-into-bed, and-hopefully-be-asleep-by-the-time-Mom-gets-home ploy should work pretty well. And hey, I might actually fall asleep!

God, do Unreal players ever SHUT UP? I'm sitting next to one right now, Nate, and he keeps cursing nice and loud next to my ear. Dumbass. I'm going to freaking slap him.
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