May 9th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Fic Idea!

NCIS/SVU crossover, only sort-of-not-quite. Basically, the premise is this: Brian Cassidy, at some point after switching from SVU to Narcotics gets involved in a case down in Baltimore, works in tandem with Tony (with the Baltimore PD) and Gibbs (with NCIS. (Note: case will have to involve death, drugs, and the Navy in order for all required parties to be there.) Gibbs gives both Tony and Cassidy a job offer. Hijinks ensue.

Timeline I'll be using if I write this:
June 2003 - Kate starts at NCIS
March-May 2003 - Viv Blackadder works at NCIS
January 2002-March 2003 - Cassidy works at NCIS
January 2002 - Tony starts at NCIS
March 2000 - Tony starts at Baltimore
February 2000 - Cassidy switches from SVU to Narcotics
June 1999 - Abby starts at NCIS
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MST3K - fish


PSP? Kinda rules. I've been playing Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade, as a berserker, and it is damn cool. Currently am downloading stuff, whoo!
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MST3K - fish


Google freaking sucks. Searching by simple terms? Brilliant!

Everyone needs to go to and click on "Can't Stop the Signal" and you need to all get tickets for the preview screenings of Serenity, if y'all live near one. So sayeth the Joss. Amen.

Er, what? Oh, right, researching the effect of arrests on families and relationships. That's something I need to do right now so I can maybe possibly pass Relationships. Look, I found an article!
MST3K - fish


It's official.

I've got three tickets for the May 26th screening of Serenity.


Note to self: Verse self, mother, and Joseph in the singing of "Ballad of Serenity" and "The Hero of Canton" so that we may sing.

This is gonna be awesome.
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