May 11th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Sleep and Crossing Over. Haha, that sounds bad.

Sleep is goooood. I think I'll try that out now. Mebbe.

(Also: Anyone be interested in reading a Veronica Mars/Dark Angel crossover in which Logan Echolls is also Logan Cale? I swear I can make it work in a way far less brain-streching than all those Dark Angel/NCIS crossovers.)

So, anyone? Well screw y'all, I'm doin' it anyway. And Mac will be one of his contacts! And I'll have him have a run-in with Veronica (and maybeprobably Leo and Duncan), and have a slightly surprised Max along for the ride.

I know! Class reunion! 2006 + 15 = 2021. Haha, time loves me.
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MST3K - fish


Am still coughing.

It still sucks.

I also have been forced to do some, gasp, cleaning around the house before my mum gets back. Which'll be around... 2:30 ish? Hm. Less than a hour. I should probably get on that.

MST3K - fish

Baby Names (and Meanings), Because I Have No Life

In order of the ones I like the most to the ones I like the least on the list. Still like 'em, of course.

Elizabeth Anne - "my God is an oath" and "grace"
Catherine Emma - "pure" and "whole"
Shannon Tara - "old, wise river" and "elevated place"
Sara Eve - "lady, princess" and "to breathe, to live"

Julian Alexander - "downy-bearded" and "defending men"
William Conrad - "will, desire, protection" and "bold counsel"
Erik Kent - "ever ruler" and surname
Malcolm Gregory - "disciple of St. Colombus" and "watchful"
Daniel Paul - "God is my judge" and "small, humble"

Peter Matthias - "stone" and "gift of God"
Robert James - "bright fame" and "supplanter"
Kevin Marcus - "gentle, lovable" and "male"
Tobias Philip - "God is good" and "horse lover"
Jacob Michael - "holder of the heel" and "who is like God"
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