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May 16th, 2005

MST3K - fish

BK commercial

Is it weird that I find the Burger King dude far more scary than Darth Vader? Cause dude, totally.

...isomniacs unite!
MST3K - fish


You guys seen this new 'Bounce 'Round Water Slides' crap? Since when has Slip'n'Slides not been enough? Gosh, today's kids. Nothin's good enough for 'em.
MST3K - fish



Not only is there a case of the plague in Colorado - that's right, the freaking plague, maaaaan - but in California, a girl's rugby coach got the crap beaten out of him. Hah. The news amuses me.
MST3K - fish

My reactions to the fall line-up so far

Bold means either I think it looks interesting and will try and catch it, or I did watch it and am totally pissed off that they cancelled it, the bastards. Either or.

Italics means my freaking God, they haven't cancelled that shit yet? Or maaan, this looks bad. Or boy am I glad that WAS cancelled.

The list is directly copied from the Futon Critic.
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