May 25th, 2005

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Someone please help me kill my reception. Rugby's on for the next two hours, but it's FOX World Sports has gone all wonky. Stupids.
MST3K - fish

After Prom and Misc. Notes

So, I've been contemplating joining . I just can't decide if I want to do NCIS - Tony, Oz - General, or Oz - Ryan. I'm currently leaning towards Tony, but that might fade after my reaction to "Twilight" does.

Also, there's currently 15 members and 44 guests on NCIS Special Ops. And people still posting about how they hope it was all a dream despite USA Today's claim that the person whose character was killed wanted off the show.* And like Mark Harmon said, they're all so tired they were hoping it was them.

* Sentence kept deliberately vague in order to keep you unspoiled.

Anyway, I promised an after-prom recap a while ago, didn't I? Well, first things first, I somehow got these bruises on my arms, don't quite remember how. Anyway!

I didn't play much games since most of them cost money. Tom and Zach played shooting games and Casey and Nets played driving games and Joe played DDR for a good two hours, though, as I wandered around, bored. But before that!

First real activity we did was ice skating. I started out wobbly, afraid I was going to fall flat on my ass in front of everyone, and was surprised to find that hey - I can actually skate! So I went into my hockey-player crouch developed from years of rollerblading (and, y'know, that one year of roller hockey) and started speed-skating my ass around all of my friends. Which, of course, set me off on coughing fits.

By the end of our ice skating period, everyone had fallen at least once (in order of best skater to worst, it was me, Nets, Joe, Zach, and Tom. Casey wasn't there yet). Zach and Joe both fell from loss of balance, pin-wheeling arms and all. Nets dared Tom to race and they started off, and Tom fell flat on his face and slid about four feet. I decided Nets and I should try skating while holding hands ('cause you always see that in the movies), so I stuck my hand out and she pulled back and fell over. And me? How did I fall? Tom had stopped and was leaning over one of those breaks in the glass for the place where the hockey players sit during a game, right? So I decide to stop next to him! But I'm going full speed. I slam into the wall, my feet keep going the way they were going, and I slide onto my ass. I love it.

Anyway, we also played laser tag, which was fun, because I was actually around the top ten. I really liked the version of laser tag they had there.

We also went on one of those spinny rides - you know the ones, three two-seater cars on each arm, three arms, spins both the arms and the cars around, then does it backwards? Yeah. - First time, only me and Zach went, and we would have sat next to each other if more people had been in the line! Damn. Second time, me, Zach, Tom, Nets, and Casey went, and Zach sat with Casey, which pissed me off.

They gave us 2000$ in "Buff Bucks" at the door, and I wound up spending them on the following items: Two Neopets plushies (a Wocky I named Alvarez, and a... Aisha? I named Omar), two candy bars (Twix and Take Five, one of those glow-in-the-dark "finger missle" Nerf things, and a little plastic green lizard. Would have been more, but prices sky-rocketed during the last two hours.
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Napping and the Military

I think I might go take a one to two hour nap. I'm attempting to get on an almost normal sleep pattern (not entirely normal since I'll be staying up past ten tomorrow night so I can watch Serenity), but it's not quite working yet.

Also: *slams head into wall repeatedly*

The first ten stories that pop up on FFN's NCIS page breakdown like following.

Six are post-Twilight.
Of those six, two are "reaction" pieces (in that it's what's advertised in the summary), two are Tate, one is Kibbs, and one is a "fix-it". God damn.

Anyway, back in real life, I've been reconsidering the whole "should I join the military?" issue. I think, with proper training and dieting like I've been planning anyway, I could easily be physically fit enough to qualify for Marine Corps Basic Training in two years. Two years is a long time, folks. But assuming that I do manage to qualify, I still have to complete Basic, which might kill me, and then do the whole "at least eight years enlistment" deal.

Except for the working out to pass the physical fitness exams, I'd qualify in every other area. I have no diagnosed diseases/mental disorders or physical defects, I have color vision that is correctable to 20/20 and is better than 20/200 uncorrected (I think), my hearing is perfect, I have criminal history, my moral code is actually fairly decent when I'm going all logical at it (which never guides my actions anyway), and I'm pretty sure I could do damn well on the ASVAB, except perhaps in electric and mechanical sections, whatever they're actually called. But since most of the MOSs that I'm after don't require any scores in those sections, it doesn't really matter. So the question rests with whether or not I could deal with grueling training and highly regimented lifestyle.

Those of you who know me might be surprised to learn this, but I thrive on routine. There's just something comforting in knowing exactly what to do in a social situation because it's outlined in a manual. It's also a bit thanks to the lack of responsibility in infers - if someone reacts badly to you, it's not your fault as a human being, it's theirs for not knowing the manual. I have no problem taking responsibility in other areas, but socially it scares me.

I think that joining the Marine Corps would be a good idea for me, even if I just do the bare minimum and don't make a career out of it like my dad. I mean, hell, my first memory is of being on my dad's shoulders during an airshow when a Marine my dad worked with had just stolen my popcorn! That leaves an impression on ya.

Also, the good news about me repeating junior year? Next year I'll still be eligible for the Naval Academy's Summer Session for rising high school seniors. I got a letter for it this year, but there was no way in hell I'd be in shape enough. If I start excersizing now, it shouldn't be an issue.

Now I just need to draft myself a dedicated regimen to follow.
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Classes: Pass/Fail

Okay, I lied. I'm totally not going to bed right now. Instead, I'll list all of the classes I've passed and all the ones I failed! All classes except Geometry were either taken for one semester (Japanese II) or were semester classes. Italics means I really loved the class/teacher/both.

Expository Writing
Geometry (both semesters)

Introduction to Programming
G/T Seminar
Business Law

World Lit: Science Fiction
Creative Writing
Japanese II
World Religions
Relationships & Marriage

Obviously there's a correlation between my liking a class and doing well in it. Computer classes are an exception because they're basically an auto-A if you show up and behave. I did bad in Sociology due to pure and simple forgetfulness - only the occasional essay, generally due the class after it was assigned - and World Religions was pure and simple overload - faaaaar too many search-and-copy worksheets.
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