June 4th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Random Stats!

I have had an account on Yahoo since 24 Feb 2000.
I have had an account on FFN since 04 April 2000.
I have had an account on LJ since 30 Nov 2002.

I have made 1080 posts.
I have posted 1476 comments.
I have recieved 636 comments.
I am a member of 231 communities.
I have posting access to 196 communities.
I am the friend of 41 users.
I have 32 users listed as friends.
I have 5 feeds listed as friends.
I have 113 communities listed as friends.
I have 150 interests listed.
3 of my interests are not shared by anyone else (danny coulter, mocking slang, and pdld).
I have 43 memories.

Take the title or first sentence from all of your past 20 LJ entries and put them into a sentence. You can slightly modify punction to fuse sentences if you wish.

I think I might go take a one to two hour nap. Okay, I lied. Whoa, creepy dude. Score one for the prop! Eh, it was okay. First, write down the names of twenty people you know. So, my ACT scores came the other day. Bold the things that apply. But yet another reason to love David Monahan: He's not just another pretty face! *snort* I love this episode. Okay, so I've got caps for each icons100 theme except Tears, My Drug, and Flowers. DUDES! So, as I kick back and sip my frothy orange juice and giggle over the picture of Christian Kane in TV Guide's little pull out "Into the West" guide (seriously! Dude's got pigtail braids! At least it explains the stupid haircut), I figured I'd inform y'all about the coming weeks. As copied directly from www.humanexedu.org. I already want to write Danny/Carter slash for the Inside, and all I've seen of it is that one minute clip on FOX's home page. OMG. So, I'm watching Scripps Spelling Bee. YES! Check it. Wanted looks awesome.

Anyway, I'm off to transfer all of my box sets over to a carrying case. And oh, I got season three of L&O! Also known as the dream team season, with Logan, Briscoe, Stone, and Paul R-something! WHOO!
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MST3K - fish


21 Jump Street is riculously cool for something made two years before I was born.

One thing I don't quite get, though: Why did everyone go ga-ga over Tom Hanson in this? I totally think Doug Penhall is hotter.

...I'll show myself out. Ahem.
MST3K - fish



In like, less than day, two Hodges fan communities sprung up out of nowhere. TWO!

I, of course, joined both. Like you expected any less of me!

Now, back to watching 21JS. And, more importantly, watching Penhall. 'Cause he's totally hot. Also, shuddup.

(Also, someone please take this bizarre plot bunny I have of Hodges being a spelling champ in middle school! Take it awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)
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