June 5th, 2005

MST3K - fish


The "McQuaid brothers". Snerk. "This is a waste of two highly trained, moderately paid city employees." I love this show. And watching Peter DeLuise scarf a cup of Jello? Ah, what better way to spend a Saturday night!

...God, I need a life. Any life. At all.

Oh, by the way, changed my layout. I'm liking the red and black boxyness of it all, yo. Check it.

(I wonder if I can take a primer on modern slang. I'm talking like all I know about the street I learned from Dark Angel and 21 JumpStreet.

Oh. Right. That IS all I know about the street. Carry on!)
MST3K - fish

Went to the mall!

Total amount of things I got: One skirt (professional looking), four bras (that fit!), and the second season of 21 JumpStreet. According to the packaging, this season has a guest appearence by Brad Pitt! That's like, all of my favorite things in one!

Also, shuddup you. I can hear your snickering from here!
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MST3K - fish


"I'm not listening to a sociology report from a guy in Scottish plaid bondage pants."


I am alone in my bedroom eating Cap'n Crunch with water and giggling over an 80's cop show. It's like the new version of "Counting Flowers on the Wall"!

Of course, the really interesting part of watchin 21JS? Comparing it to today's high schools. For instance! Nowadays, the things that the punks in episode #13 wore? Totally the norm for today's high schools.

"Cops are all defectives." HAH!

I need to make myself a nice Hanson/Penhall icon. Or, hell, a McQuaid brothers icon!

Edit: Clowns is scary-ass.
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