June 6th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Erg. Summer's gonna be crowded.

I'm huuuuuungry.

Also, my summer schedule as emailed to me by my mother:

JUNE 10 - leave Colorado
JUNE 12 - arrive Maryland
JUNE 19 - Lee goes to GW
JUNE 29 - Pick up Lee from GW
JULY 7 - Lee goes to AU for NSLC
JULY 17 - Pick up Lee from AU
JULY 19 - Arrive Florida (Kathy by train, Lee by air w/ Karen & girls)
JULY 26 - Leave Florida, return to Maryland
JULY 29 - Probably leave for Colorado
AUG 1 - Probably arrive in Colorado

AUGUST 15 - Lee starts back to school.
MST3K - fish


"Because I shouldn't have to state my religious beliefs in order to keep a monkey out of my house."
"You got a point there."

Yes, I'm still watching it.