June 14th, 2005

MST3K - fish

MD, yo.

Bonnie and Craig found out yesterday that they're definitely having a girl. Anna Katherine (or possibly Catherine). I hope they go with the 'K' spelling. Because then the child's initials will be AKC. American Kennel Club! Whoo!


Anyway, am now in Maryland. Go me! Spent most of today hanging with my cousin Kari. Cool kid. We watched some Jump Street. We also watched some old home movies, and I swear she'll never stop teasing me about drinking water from a toiler plunger now.

But I was seriously a single-minded child. Each clip I was in, I was focused on doing one thing and one thing only (climbing up and sliding down a slide, holding on to an abacus, pouring cupfuls of water taken from the pool into any available container). It's kinda scary.
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