June 24th, 2005

MST3K - fish

More pictures, this time from bowling!

We went bowling over at the Hippodrome this afternoon, after going to the Smithsonian and listening to Dr. Ubelaker, one of the leaders in forensic anthropology, speak. What follows are some of the far too many pictures I took of the bowling, plus some never-before-seen pictures of Katie (one of the photo girls I hang with, the one who I played Truth or Dare with, the other one is named Brittany) and Rachel (the whore photo girl I dislike). Those are further down, though.

First up, the comedic bowling styles of Brian! Me and him played the same lane, no one else played with us. We're unpopular! Us poor Carolinians. Except it probably ain't that, since Amy from Greensboro and no problem finding people to bowl with. Maybe it's just Law & Evidence Carolinians who have popularity dysfunctions. But anyway, just look at Brian's feet! It's scary!

Now, look at my foot in a bowling shoe!

More behind the cut.
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And man, Russet looks pissed now. Probably because all of five people showed up for our Lincoln's Assassination movie. I mean, hell, I didn't!
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