June 27th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Mock crime scene investigations kind of suck.

I am so freaking glad that this is almost over. If it wasn't, I'd have to freaking strangle Brian (Schaffer, not the guy I been hanging with, although he's been pissing me off too). And whose brilliant idea was it to have the supervisors be volunteers instead of selected, huh? Freaking geniuses, we are.

This is all a result of spending many hours doing absolutely nothing, mostly in hot and humid weather outside, while the supervisors of a mock crime scene act like total asshats, and then being forced to rush through everything to do with DNA with no information in less than ten minutes, and then have them get pissed off at you for not doing everything at the same time. And then Brian C. (who I hang with) hands me the evidence bag with a button in it that he collected, since one of my hands is already filled with evidence bags. Then later, Brian S. starts hollering at those of us who are not currently working the scene, looking for the button. I say "You're looking for the button, right? It's right here!" and hold it up. He completely ignores me and starts freaking out all over the place. I have to repeat myself, yelling at his dumb ass, a good five times. He finally goes "Oh, okay," and starts to walk off. I ask him what he wants me to do with it, and he tells me to go to Jeff (Mr. Miller, who was also functioning as our lab and suspects and everybody). I think, screw that, hail down Brian C. and all but throw his bag at him and tell him to hold on to his own fucking evidence from now on.

Other than everything, today was fun! I need to go take a shower, then fall into bed and die. That's about it.
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MST3K - fish

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I have now calmed down and am multitasking between compiling a list of info on Crazy Tom for a RPG app I'm writing and trying to find two interests I can delete in order to put in 'fight club' and 'shear madness'.

Okay, I got the second part of that done. Now, I'll quickly put all the Crazy Tom stuff here so I can go get dinner, man.

Crazy Tom is British.

"He went back and forth on a couple. Finally decided to include Crazy Tom, a veteran who held the unenviable record of being the most-transferred soldier in the history of the game who wasn't actualy iced and sent home. So far."

"Bean kept waiting for Crazy Tom to snap, but he appeared to get saner as he got wearier."

More later, perhaps.