July 11th, 2005

MST3K - fish

I blame Jerry for this. I really do. GO GAOCHOS!


For future reference, these are the cards for Gaochorines:

2 - make a rule
3 - sing for me
4 - roar
5 - high five
6 - tricks
7 - say something nice about Devon
8 - embarassing
9 - rhyme time!
10 - thumbmaster
J - snack
Q - question master
K - categories

Sorry, too much sugar. We went to Georgetown this afternoon and I had Arby's and ice cream. And I got three books, and the latest insideTV, Entertainment Weekly, and TV Guide! And I got three CDs: Fight Club soundtrack, H2G2 soundtrack, and Wang Chung's Mosiac! And Charles is the man because I was hollering about Wang Chung, and he nodded and said "'Everybody Wang Chung' is my motto."

...I still wish Jerry, my TA, would quit singing the "Charles in Charge" theme song.

Oh, and Nick and Irish can go scarily high when singing. It scared me. Really.

So. Sleep. Capital idea, Jeeves! To the bedmobile! *trumpet music*
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