August 4th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Reqs for graduation

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So what do I need to graduate from Humanex?
1.0 credit English 11 or English Elective
0.5 credits English 12
0.25 credits Speech
0.25 credits English Elective

0.5 credits American Government
0.5 credits World Geography
1.0 credit World History

0.25 credits CPD (Career and Personal Development)
0.50 credits Health

What I plan to try and get this year:
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As far as extracurriculars go, I'm definitely doing rugby and Teen VOICE, and I'm considering doing Aurora Police Department Explorers. And maybe some job thing or something.
MST3K - fish

Law & Order

Okay, I don't mind Jack McCoy, I've decided. He just reminds me a lot of a teenager. Bending the rules to get the bad guys, his playing dumb and stuff. Ben Stone is just so by-the-book, adhere to the laws even when they're not really favoring you, that I can't help but love him. Oh well. There's alwasys Carver! He's my favorite!

Of course, McCoy would be a lot cooler if he just quit squeaking. He sounds like he's going through puberty, and that's just creepy.

And now, leave for registration, I do.
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MST3K - fish


My starting classes:

Algebraic Review
Conceptual Physics
American Government
Family Group (study hall/study skills class)
Spanish I Review
Heroes and Heroines (literature class)

Tomorrow, after testing, my mom's taking me to the movies. Yay! I wonder if we could go see Sky High again...