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August 7th, 2005

MST3K - fish

David Monahan rules.

So. I cancelled the download, because I finally found a Dawson's Creek screencap site.

In other news! After downloading every single David Monahan picture from the site, I now have 335 pictures of David Monahan.

Obsession? Well, yes, but it's not a bad kind of obsession! I swear! Except now I want to actually watch an episode of Dawson's Creek! AND THAT'S BAD! Maybe I can catch a Seely-filled Crossing Jordan episode, that might fill the need. Indeed indeed.
MST3K - fish

"Eddie, sometimes you're funny. And then there's now."


This episode of Wanted is just... brilliant. Oh, Lee Tergesen, marry me! Only not, because you're forty. But still yummy.

Anyway. What follows is some of the best
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MST3K - fish

Loser is a good look for me.

I just spent a half hour entering in cast information and quotes for the Wanted page on IMDB.

(Look! Eddie/Jimmy OTP icon!)