August 16th, 2005

MST3K - fish

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In Year 1 you:You found out that your parents weren't killed in a car-crash after all.
Year 2:You got into the Quidditch team as a Keeper.
Year 3:You got lost the first time you were in Hogsmeade, and you were found after three weeks.
Year 4:You somehow got the nickname "Lassie"
Year 5:You had a secret crush on your enemy.
Year 6:You broke the record of yelling "Boogies" as loud as you can at a not-expected time.
Year 7: You flunked everything, but decided not to do this year again.
Now you:Are writing a series about your time at Hogwarts, alias JKR.
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MST3K - fish


I've been going to Humanex all of two days and I already can't imagine going to any other school. I'm so in love with Humanex I actually WANT to do homework. Seriously. I brought home stuff for Spanish, American Government, and Mystery Fiction (my replacement of Research) so I can do homework, even though I didn't have to. Yeah. I'm turning into a total geek, and I love it!
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