September 15th, 2005

MST3K - fish

School, ears, and Thud!

I'm hungry and tired and my ear hurts.

Yeah, in Physics today, I had the temerity to tell Carter and Jeanine to quiet down a little so Stephen could do his work and not snap and go on a rampage, and then turn away from them to read, so Carter threw a thick pad of Post-Its at my head as I turned and they caught me flat on my left ear. I actually cried. I probably would have tried to stop it, but it was just Carter, Jeanine, Stephen, and Jesse in the room, and none of them are really the types to mock me for crying. Well, Carter is, but he's also afraid I'll tell on him, so he won't.

Otherwise, school was fun today! Started reading Thud! (the latest Discworld) too. Pretty awesome so far. I want to get the companion book for Colin, it would just be so adorable.
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