September 19th, 2005

MST3K - fish

FOX news shows CAN be useful!

I came down from my shower to watch a little Leno, but my TV was still on FOX after Prison Break, so I caught the end of "A Current Affair", and they were at some insideTV gathering, and doing this thing making all the celebs make the sound of their show, and there was this quick clip that I went "Whoa, is that Pauley Perrete?" She was part of a group of four people, who I didn't have enough time to figure out. Then there was a clip of her group at the end, and Michael Weatherly tried his hand at making the "chung" noise, and DAMN. He was HOT. Glasses, spiky hair, and scruffiness. Mm.

Sasha Alexander may have been in their group too, but other than MW it was all girls, so it was probably PP, MW, and two random friends. Now I'm going to go see if I can scrounge up any pics. Because DAMN. HOT.

(*stares at icon list* WTF do you mean, no NCIS icon? Damn it! I need to make one before tomorrow night!)
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