October 4th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Rugby related stuff

Lions cap: http://foxrugby.com/departments-rugby-hats-british---irish-lions-red-cap.html
All Blacks/Lions 2005 Limited Edition jersey: http://foxrugby.com/departments-shop-by-country-wales-wales-national-team-all-blacks---british---irish-lions-2005-limite.html
2004 College championship DVD: http://foxrugby.com/departments-us-colleges-2004-college-rugby-championship-dvd.html
New Zealand vs Wales World Cup 2003 DVD: http://foxrugby.com/departments-video---dvd-new-zealand-vs-wales-world-cup-2003-dvd.html

All of which I totally just ordered off of foxrugby.com.

I also just signed up for Sevens. Sevens, the rugby game with even MORE running, and for everyone! On the plus side, only fourteen players on the field, so I don't have to worry about running into other people, thank god.

(I so need to make a rugby icon that has action, not just cute guys celebrating a win.)
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MST3K - fish

Detective Lake stories and Murders in the Rue Morgue

In my latest short story, the one I wrote for creative writing with Andrew that has Detective Lake getting shot by his partner, I named one of the main bad guys Paul Moreau. I got Moreau after doing a surnames.behindthename.com search for French names, as he's French-Canadian (um, I felt like making Canadia jokes).

Now, in mystery class with Tracy, I'm covering Edgar Allen Poe. Today, I started 'Murders in the Rue Morgue'. And it totally just mentioned a character named Pierre Moreau.

I'm like, psychic or something.

(Oh, and Andrew thinks Lake is a girl. Heehee. I thought the 'him' and 'youngest brother' mentions would have tipped him off. I guess it's because I'm a girl, he expects me to write about girls. He does call my style campy noir, though, which rules. Best of both worlds!)
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MST3K - fish

In which I have many, many medical issues.

Soooo... I had just drank a huge thing of apple juice and had some nice sugary snacks. Then I tested my blood sugar. Directly after ingesting tons and tons of sugar, it was 108. That... not so much with the good.

I blame that for why I totally just volunteered for a Sevens game this Saturday. Because I still can't walk upstairs without coughing thanks to the wonder of viral bronchitis.
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    Supernatural. JAckles is a goofball.
MST3K - fish

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary... I can't even bring myself to TYPE it a third time.

Next week, on Supernatural! Bloody Mary!

Hoooooooly crap. I so cannot watch that. Bad, bad, terrible memories of Grand Canyon trip with my mom's family when I was a kid, including Kiki and I trying to summon her up. I, of course, broke and ran as we started saying it the third time. I still look over my shoulder when I say 'Bloody Mary' and refuse to say it in the dark.

It's the one bogeyman I've never gotten over. Sure, there was the occasional paranoia of werewolves and serial killers and the like, but I can get over those real fast.