October 10th, 2005

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Welsh Rugby

Okay, so I was a total dork and checking out the Ospreys' squad again (and noting that Cai Griffiths is easily the hottest prop in the history of ever), when I noticed three blank portraits - meaning players who had been added since the official team photo time. Now two I knew of, thanks to the news page, but the third I was very confused about.

Martin Roberts, age 19. That's right, he's still eligible for the U-19s while playing with the Ospreys (who, although they suck real hard now, were champs of the Celtic League last year). And, although everyone on the boards seems totally upset about him getting on the team before other deserving types, I'm rooting for him. Why? You guessed it! I'm totally shallow! http://www.neathrfc.co.uk/pp-martin_roberts.shtml See?

Welsh rugby pics: http://www.welshrugbypics.co.uk/gallery

Shane Williams 2 Shane Williams 2

Thanks to the wonders of foreground/background, Shane Williams looks like wee little man! 5'8", my ass.

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MST3K - fish

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Ayetchtimle. The new HTML.

And I totally just heard a commercial on the USA Network stating that the detectives on SVU are professional. Yeah, if the 'profession' is being psychotic.