October 11th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Supernatural, Bloody... Her, and NCIS

I think Supernatural may have cured me of my phobia. Let's see... Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary... Okay, no. I've still got it. But it helped, a hell of a lot. Remind me to ream my cousin Kirsten when we visit during fall break, alright? I bet she doesn't even remember trying to summon up... Her... when we were at the Grand Canyon. But I remember, boy do I.

In other news, I love Ziva David. She works for NCIS SO much better than Kate, that's all I'll say. Because I'm far too lazy to make a cut.

(Also, what IS it with me and shows that don't actually have opening credits? Both Supernatural and Close to Home, sheesh.)
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