October 16th, 2005

MST3K - fish


Played two games today, seven minute halves. Which sounds short, but just try running and hitting and being hit for seven minutes straight.

It was great. There were only three teams (Northside, Thunder Ridge, and Chapparal), and the team I played for (Northside, since Highlands Ranch and Northside usually team up) only had six people, so we had to borrow from the others.

The first game was TR vs. C, and a bunch of us (all but Alexis) on the N team realized we had to use the bathroom, and the only bathroom nearby was a Port-a-Potty. So we all piled into Blonde New Girl's car and drove about ten minutes to a gas station. BNG drove like a crazy person, so we were all screaming and grabbing on to whatever we could. Once at the gas station, we all had to go so bad that we used the men's room too. Then BNG left her mouthguard at the gas station, so we had to screech around and go back to get it.

Needless to say, we were late for our own game. We were thinking it was fourteen minute halves, not fourteen minutes total. We played the first game, and it was great even though we lost 4-0. Second game, I actually got the ball and ran with it, and got tackled, and it took two people to take me down. That one we lost 5-2. The two tries we scored? One was by a girl on loan from another team, and the other was by Teagan, who promptly fell over, threw up, and had to be helped off the field.

We won nearly every scrum, though! And I fit in a lot better with the Northside girls than Highlands Ranch, because none of them are runners either. The coach, Rick, kept telling us to just run in 'em, because our smallest player was bigger than their biggest. And it's true. We're all like tanks, and every other rugby team I've seen runs towards the short and slim.

Unfortunately, I forgot to stretch my back. So now my lower back hurts like freakin' hell. And my neck hurts too, from the scrums. But it's a good hurt!
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MST3K - fish

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Why is it that nowadays, whenever I hear about tragedies, I think of TV?

There was a crash involving a bus full of high schoolers. If you're thinking that I didn't connect that to Veronica Mars, you don't know me very well.