October 19th, 2005

MST3K - fish

The song for the PERFECT Numb3rs music video

"My Mathematical Mind"
By Spoon

I wanna change your mind
Said I wanna set it right this time
I'm looking through you
You know who you are
And planning for the apocalypse
Is not considered
Considered cool
I don't suggest it myself
But no I won't sweat

I wanna change your ways
Said I'm gonna get it right one of these days
And I'm looking through you
Riding the brakes
Bringing about the apocalypse
Is not considered
Considered cool
Still you go setting it up
But never give it a thought
Just go setting it up

My mathematical mind can see the brakes
So I'm gonna stop riding the brakes
No no no no more ride the brakes
No more ride the brakes
Instead I'm gonna see your stakes
Yeah I'n gonna see the stakes
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MST3K - fish

Sleep and Music Videos

So, like, this one time at band camp I totally need to go to bed now, since I get up in five hours, but you wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of energy ten hours of Vicodin-enhanced sleep has given me. I'm like, nearly giddy! Vicodin is my god. Even if my mom's so never going to let me have any ever again. Oh well. That one night of going to sleep just after going to bed, getting a full night's sleep, and actually being able to wake up in the morning... priceless.

Oh, and my mom totally got Photoshop Elements. With Premiere Elements. MEANING, no more crappy Windows Movie Maker for music video making! And this is on my laptop, with the first thirteen episodes of Veronica Mars - and nearly every episode of NCIS. 'S like, SWEET YO!

Sleep. Now. Soon, anyway.
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MST3K - fish

Doctors and Schedule for the Next Two Weeks

Went to the doctor's yesterday and totally got diagnosed with asthma. So I got an inhaler, and dear Doctor Hsu decided to mention that hey, I could totally get a meningitis shot and a tetnus/diptheria shot while I was there! So I did, one in each arm. So now they hurt. But I got a purple bandaid and a blue bandaid, and my mom only got a clear one when she got her flu shot, so I'm totally cool now. (I also got this pocket sized First Aid kit that I'm going to keep in my backpack.)

So! Schedule stuff!

- School
- Chiropractor
- Veronica Mars

- School
- Parent/Teacher/Student Conference, 6:30
- CSI, 8:00-9:00
- Leave for airport, 9:30
- Plane leaves, about midnight

And then we'll be in Maryland, the land of merry!

- Hang with Kari, who has the day off from school. Make her do my Spanish homework (?)
- Numb3rs

- Ren Fest, where Kirsten works for a glass blower! Last weeked, natch.

- Myself, my mother, Aunt Martha, and the twins go up to QVC (in Pennsylvania) and take a tour of the place

- WHATEVER! Plus the usual shows

- Halloween! I will be going as a private eye, noir style. Possibly with candy cigarettes, because they rock.
- Prison Break (?)

- Crossdressing Day at school! Will be wearing Halloween costume probably.
- NaNoWriMo starts.
- NCIS y Supernatural y Close to Home

- Quarterly Review with Tracy
- No school!
- Veronica Mars

- Addams Family Day/Goth Day at school. Will resist dressing as Visi- or Ostro-goth.

- Superhero/Cartoon Day! Will probably dress as some totally dorky superhero.
- Numb3rs
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    Spoon - "The Beast and Dragon, Adored"
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MST3K - fish


The 12 Character Fic Meme, now VM-ized!

1. Cassidy Casablancas
2. Sherrif Don Lamb
3. Logan Echolls
4. Leo D'Amato
5. Lilly Kane
6. Duncan Kane
7. Meg Manning
8. Cindy Mackenzie
9. Dick Casablancas
10. Veronica Mars
11. Wallace Fennel
12. Eli "Weevil" Navarro

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