November 3rd, 2005

MST3K - fish

It's supah.

So, I surfed over to TWoP to read the recaplet for Apprentice Martha, and what to my wondering eyes might appear but the wonderful news that SUPERNATURAL has been added to the recapping line up. Freaking awesome. I now have four shows to read on TWoP (any to guess all four gets a virtual cookie, and if you can guess the order I became a fan of each, you get TWO virtual cookies!

Also, here's the message from the boards 'bout Supernatural:
It's not the kind of show to take to momma... Supernatural! Supernatural!
It's Supernaturally!

Recappin' by Drunken Bee shall start soon. In the meantime because feel free to populate the SN forums.

If this news makes ya happy you can thank the type of people who buy pirate and backup shirts who thickened up our bottom line recently. We pass the love on.

That's right. Y'all can thank me now.
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MST3K - fish

Ahem. I have some announcements to make.

I? Am ridiculously excited.

In other news, I'd so do Richard Greico over Johnny Depp. That is all.

ETA: Also, I just watched an episode of 21 Jump Street that had Hanson playing chicken with a roller coaster. Those of you participating in the chicken/auto-erotic asphyxiation discussion will know why that's amusing. And why on EARTH does my journal have a chicken/auto-erotic asphyxiation discussion, anyway? I just hope I that when I'm applying for a job in federal law enforcement, the background check doesn't turn up this journal. Christ on a cracker.
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MST3K - fish

Another one of THOSE entries... 21JS

Is it wrong that I find chubby semi-mohawk'd Penhall the cutest Penhall of them all? I mean, adorable!

And Johnny Depp, kicking back in a chair, feet up on the desk, eating grapes, keeping Hoffs totally out of the loop? HIGHLARIOUS!

Also highlarious? Dirt bike fighting.

Okay, so, in a bunch of episodes of 21 Jump Street there's this bad guy, right? His name's Raymond Crane. He's supa rich. If you think I don't automatically think "Kane" instead of "Crane", you don't know me very well. Combine Raymond Crane's love of bikes with Lilly Kane's love of bikers, and voila.

Hey, it's past midnight. So stfukthxbai.
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