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November 13th, 2005

MST3K - fish

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Uh. She no longer looks ANYTHING like Hoffs. I've seen commercials, ads, and even an episode of Love, Inc. before AND NEVER REALIZED THAT WAS HOFFS.

My world, she is shocked.
MST3K - fish

"Next Victim!"

*heart attack* WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME THAT BELOVED FULLER WAS ON VERONICA MARS?!?! And not just as random extra #52925billionty, but as Mr. Daniels! The English teacher who was resposible for the ever-yummy Logan/Weevil detention scenes! I KNEW that Rob Thomas was a 21JS fan! I KNEW IT! Now, I must write fics for it. (And now, things come full circle, as it was Logan calling JTT - my first childhood crush - 'Jump Street' that made me go out and get the DVDs, and a new obsession.)

I, being a total IDIOT, managed to miss an episode of 21 Jump Street. Not one of the ones I skipped on purpose (wanting to skip ahead to the Clavo 'sodes), but one that I totally and completely missed. Like, I don't even remember reading the episode description

And dude. What's his face from Wings? The idiot mechanic guy? Also from Sideways? Totally creepy on the episode of 21JS he was on.

I think I know why I missed it. It's right after "Blinded By a Thousand Points of Light", which overwhelmed me so much I didn't pay attention to the menu screen. That's probably it. ...also, it appears that my DVDs list it AFTER Loc'd Out. Uh, okay dumbass DVD.

What follows are a ton of quotes and various ponderings on the 21 Jump Street episode 'Next Victim'Collapse )
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MST3K - fish

(no subject)

BWAHA! Goren just totally said "...an alpaca rancher!" in this rerun of LOCI I'm watching. Anyone who caught Logan of VM's mention of his mother wanting an alpaca (and/or hangs around vmrandom) knows why I'm so very, very amused.