November 13th, 2005

MST3K - fish

"Next Victim!"

*heart attack* WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME THAT BELOVED FULLER WAS ON VERONICA MARS?!?! And not just as random extra #52925billionty, but as Mr. Daniels! The English teacher who was resposible for the ever-yummy Logan/Weevil detention scenes! I KNEW that Rob Thomas was a 21JS fan! I KNEW IT! Now, I must write fics for it. (And now, things come full circle, as it was Logan calling JTT - my first childhood crush - 'Jump Street' that made me go out and get the DVDs, and a new obsession.)

I, being a total IDIOT, managed to miss an episode of 21 Jump Street. Not one of the ones I skipped on purpose (wanting to skip ahead to the Clavo 'sodes), but one that I totally and completely missed. Like, I don't even remember reading the episode description

And dude. What's his face from Wings? The idiot mechanic guy? Also from Sideways? Totally creepy on the episode of 21JS he was on.

I think I know why I missed it. It's right after "Blinded By a Thousand Points of Light", which overwhelmed me so much I didn't pay attention to the menu screen. That's probably it. ...also, it appears that my DVDs list it AFTER Loc'd Out. Uh, okay dumbass DVD.

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MST3K - fish

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BWAHA! Goren just totally said " alpaca rancher!" in this rerun of LOCI I'm watching. Anyone who caught Logan of VM's mention of his mother wanting an alpaca (and/or hangs around vmrandom) knows why I'm so very, very amused.