November 15th, 2005

MST3K - fish

Sleep deprivation. Only excuse, yo.

What's this? A Crossing Jordan marathon on A&E, running from "After Dark" to "Murder in the Rue Morgue"?

In other words, I'M GETTING FOUR SEELY EPISODES FOR THANKSGIVING?!?! Not that I'm, like, excited or anything.

But hm. I shall be over at Andrea and Randy's. This means that tapes, I must find, and exact hours of Seely-sodes I must find! INDEED!

Holy crap. It's 2AM. Last I checked it was just midnight and I was planning on going to bed soon. not good. HAH!
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MST3K - fish


Okay, so the little girl I mentioned before - Aarone Thompson - is still missing after leaving her house while upset (she's six). Her father's name? Aaron. Yes. The jackass gave his poor daughter his own name with an 'e' at the end. I rather hope they've checked with her friends' families, since all they're talking about is searching the neighborhood and nearby fields. Like, okay.

Just saw the first commercial for Sky High on DVD! It comes out end of this month. Awesome.

I also had the most perfectly bizarre IM today. The entire convo:
Jujubee20: hey
X6 238: Hello
Jujubee20: asl
X6 238: You're the one who IMed me, shouldn't you know?

Anyway, 16/f/CO
Jujubee20: i 4 got well ima let u go cuz my mom iz tell'n me 2 get
Jujubee20: bye
Jujubee20: ill IM u 2 morrow

Like, gee, thanks for the warning.