November 19th, 2005

MST3K - fish

On Childrens' Birthday Parties

Wow. I just saw an entry in which someone posted about their daughter's third birthday party, in which they played 'pin the letter on the owl' and ate a Hogwarts cake. I get the Harry Potter obsession, really I do, but jeez-us. Am I the only one in the universe planning on giving my future children a normal childhood? Sure, I had a HP cake for my birthday once. My fourteenth birthday. Before that, it was all the typical child designs, occasionally with sports-related themes (I was a total softball nut as a child). But my parents were smart enough to keep the commercialized birthday parties away unless I specifically asked for something.

This just... makes me angry for reasons I can't even fully articulate. Part of it is probably pent-up rage over not having a birthday party (or, like, any presents) for my last two birthdays (including my Sweet Sixteenth, damn it); but I'd rather no party over an entirely HP-themed one. It wouldn't be so bad if the child was old enough to even watch the movies; a seven year old's party I'd be slightly disturbed at, but would soon forget. But a three year old? Poor child.

(Of course, a later entry mentions that the mother in this case? Still breatfeeding. Maybe my ideas are off, since I was never breastfed - I was allergic - but aren't most children weaned off before then? I mean, Colin's been drinking juice and water for about a year now.)

Further investigation shows that themed birthday parties for toddlers are all the rage now. And I now have another criteria for marriage: I will not marry anyone who wants to give a child a themed birthday party for the first four birthdays.
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MST3K - fish

On Actors and Breakfast

Dude. Dylan Bruno? He who plays Colby Granger, the big dumb-jock type who was in the Army, on Numb3rs? Went to MIT. Yeah. Seriously. He got a degree in Enviromental Engineering there. Between him and David Monahan (honors degree in government from Harvard), I'm starting to think I have a sixth sense when it comes to actors who are actually brilliant. Another interesting tidbit about Dylan Bruno - his birthday is September 6th. Like, awesome! Of course, he's also more than twice my age (33 to my 16). Oh well. He's still younger than Dean Winters (note to self: find actors to crush on that are within ten years of age, please).

And MIT has a football team? I kind of like "Whoa" over that, yo. CRAZY! (Not too surprised about Dylan Bruno playing linebacker on there, but still.)

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ZZZT! Holy crap! Diane Farr, she whom slightly annoys me on Rescue Me and Numb3rs? Her birthday is September 7th.

Oh, God. I just saw a commercial advocating eating breakfast, and they went through about ten different breakfast items that I only ever get when I go to Village Inn. Damn, I'm hungry now. I WANT THOSE FANCY EGG-THINGIES! (Self: Uh, those fancy egg thingies are called 'scrambled eggs not cooked in microwave'. Me: I KNOW THAT!)
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