November 20th, 2005

MST3K - fish


Well, after... something like two years, I now have a moodtheme again! I'm too attention deficit to focus on one topic to make a moodtheme, so made it a 'my favorite actors' moodtheme. Included:
- Richard Grieco from 21JS
- Peter DeLuise from 21JS
- Dylan Bruno from Numb3rs
- Michael Weatherly from NCIS
- David Monahan from Crossing Jordan
- Wallace Langham from the Chocolate War
- Kyle Gallner from Veronica Mars
- Dean Winters from Oz
- Marshall Allman from Prison Break

I've only got eighty moods up so far (out of... nearly two hundred, I believe), but I've been working for a few hours now. Finding the right picture, then editing it, then uploading it, and then working with the mood theme editor on LJ... takes a long, long time. Loooong. Tiiiiime. My back hurts. I'm hungry. And tired.
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MST3K - fish

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There's something weird about watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent on a Sunday morning after watching VH1's "I Love the Holidays".

(There's also the whole 'God' thing, since most people go to that church thing today. Not that I have since a long long time.)

Also, this stupid cough just won't go away. Damn it.
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