November 30th, 2005

MST3K - fish

VM Plot Bunny!

I just had the perfect idea for a VM fanfic. We've had so many appearences by kids of around the same age: Lauren Sinclair, Rodney Goodman (Gia's little brother), Edwin Fuller, Albert Hauser. (And I think Darrel Fennel and Ryan Mackenzie are about the same age, too.) Someone needs to write a fic about them! I bet Neptune Elementary School is just a seething hotbed of corruption and disturbances, what do you think? Lauren Sinclair should read some mystery-themed book and decide to start investigating mysteries in her own school! That would rock my socks off. Bonus points for a sort of 'behind the scenes' bit, with throwaway references like Lauren mentioning her sister going to a sleepover, giving her the opportunity to sneak into Madison's room to gather "evidence" for something.