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December 3rd, 2005

MST3K - fish

I watch too much TV.

*snort* Okay, they need to get a better voiceover for the Narnia commercials. I keep hearing 'two daughters of evil' instead of 'Eve', and 'the White Bitch' instead of 'the White Witch'.

[My mother and I flip over to the Army/Navy game and watch for a little bit.]
Mom: "Haha, we're kicking ass!"
Me: "It's the Army, how could we not?"
Mom: "Well, it's on land, you'd think Army would have the... um..."
Me: "The advantage?"
Mom: "Yeah. One of them there things."

Mom: "You know, they've been playing this game for a hundred years. *pause* Hell of a long game!"
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MST3K - fish

I swear that one day, I will make real posts.

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MST3K - fish

Thank you, Entertainment Weekly!

Duuuudes. Stephen King? Just nominated Spoon's "I Summon You" for his number one single of 2005.

...remind me, he's not the guy in the weelchair or the physicist, right?