December 7th, 2005

MST3K - fish

"Which one are you? Blinky? Humpty? Zorro?"

Watching Law & Order:
Me: "That guy, that guy, I know that guy! WHY?"
Mom: "Oh! Oh!"
Me: "Good Morning Miami! Is that it? Is that the guy?"
Mom: "Yes!"
Me: "My mind rules."

Jake Silver has fallen so far. And am I and my mum the only ones who ever watched that show? 'Cause damn, I loved it.

My mom finds an old tape recorder - that uses actual tapes - in a dresser drawer:
Me: "What's that for?"
Mom: "It's a tape recorder."
Me: "I know. I'm not a retard, I just play one on TV!"

And what's that? There was an episode of Veronica Mars on tonight? I must've missed that. ...JUST KIDDING!

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MST3K - fish

I'm an idiot.

Dudes. It's nearly 2006. I'm going to have to remember to write a whole new year. AND I JUST STARTED TO REMEMBER TO WRITE 2005 INSTEAD OF 2004! DAMN IT!
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