December 9th, 2005

MST3K - fish

I like making quick notes. It looks awesome.

Okay, a couple of things:

1, the pipes at my house burst yesterday morning (after I left for school), so we are currently without running water. It is an interesting experience, and reminds me why I NEVER EVER WANT TO GO CAMPING.

2, Matt Damon is now married and his new wife is expecting. Aw. (That was a 'cute' aw, not a 'Matt Damon is off the market and I'm upset even though I didn't stand a chance in a million years' aw, by the way. In case you were confused.)

3, I just let the Numb3rs thread at TWoP know that Dylan Bruno is my eyecandy of choice on the show. I expect rapid mocking to ensue.

4, I now have about fifty bazillion (note: approximate number) things to add to my Christmas wishlist. Bet my mom wishes this was every year before this, when I would stare blankly and go "Uh... books an' DVDs an' stuff? Mebbe?" when she asked. (Granted, nearly all of what I'm asking for is either so-not-gonna-get-it material - the digital camera binoculars and Sidekick - or fifteen-things-that-are-mostly-the-same - my laundry list of rugby products, for instance.)

5, Carter (from school, he looks like Harry Potter) and I are now texting buddies. He seriously (or is that srsly?) texted me about every five minutes during school. Including during the guest speaker presentation! He's nearly seventeen, which weirds me out, because he could totally pass for twelve if he wanted to. And even if he's not trying, I'd think he was fourteen.

6, my top five most popular tags by usage:
tv - 86 uses
memes - 21 uses
vm - 17 uses
rl - 16 uses
21js - 15 uses
Whoa, I've got more real life entries that 21 Jump Street? SOMEONE REMEDY THIS SITUATION, STAT!

EDIT: Oh, and does anyone think I'd get mocked for sending an email about all the typos on their website? Because I just found a third one and I've only been on it for about five minutes.
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