December 16th, 2005

NCIS - Kate is pwned.

Icon update! Whoo hoo!

Have 41 uploaded currently. Will make TONS more when I get home, including like a billionty Dean Winters icons. Yes. Billionty. That's totally a number. OH! That reminds me. Also make Dylan Bruno icon. And more Michael Muhney than the one (NCIS, 'secret agent man', that I made before VM even existed, so I obviously rule) I currently have.

For your current viewing pleasure, Kate ded. Hee. It still makes me giggle. It always, always will.
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Aaaand we're home!

Someone talk me out of this crazy-ass idea I just had to screencap Dean Winters in SVU.

*glowers at friendslist* Okay, probably not the best people to be going to. Damn. Well, it's not like I have plans today. Not until nine-ish, anyway, when Numb3rs comes on. A whole new #s! With Colby and fire and Bill Nye! It's like it's my birthday or something!

And, for the hell of it, research!Goren. Because watching TV is sort of like research.
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