December 21st, 2005

LOCI - research

In Which I Watch A Lot of Television.

My god. I am a loser. So I'm watching Law & Order: SVU, right? And Benson says "Kinda hard to shoot yourself in the back of the head." My response? Tilt my head forward, form my hand into a finger gun, and point it at the back of my head. "Not that hard."

Oh, and it's really weird to watch old episodes of SVU where Daniel Sunjata played a somewhat recurring role as a forensics guy. Because I keep thinking dude, there's no fire here! What're you doing? Go have barely sub slashy subtext with Garrity! And that's distracting. This episode in particular also includes Jimmy O'Keefe! Coo', yo, coo'. But Dad wants to

"Garcia, what are you doing in the FBI?"
"Didn't get into medical school."
"Why doesn't that surprise me?"
"Ouch. That's just what my father said."

And now, CSI NY. They sure love the jerky camera movements over here. The theme song seems weirdly laid back for all the epileptic camera people, though. They're getting the wind right, but the light's all wonky for New York. You can tell it was filmed in California. That's something I have to give NCIS - they keep it around greenery/away from windows enough for it to seem like it could very well be filmed in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area.

Gary Sinise kind of annoys me - most definitely not on a David Caruso level, or even a Sasha Alexander level. Maybe a Diane Farr level. ...why do I have different levels of actor-dislike? It currently goes like this, starting with the most hated: David Caruso, Sasha Alexander, Mariska Hargitay, Gary Sinise, Diane Farr. I feel like I should have someone in between Gary Sinise and Diane Farr, because Diane Farr isn't really that bad. Amy Acker? That could work. Except I dislike her more than Gary Sinise. Damn. I'll have to think about this.

Oooh, cute guy. The guy who just called one of the main characters away from an artist guy to say that the guy from the braille institute was there. Aha, figured out the name. 'Zach Shannon', played by David Julian Hirsh. He's a little like Greg, without being incredibly annoying like Ryan on Miami (god, that guy).

I like the little architectural differences between LV and NY, though (I can't compare to Miami, because . LV, the lab appears almost as if it's underground, no real windows to the outside. NY gives off the impression of being in the upper stories of a building. Everything's glass within both, but LV has all of the techs working in seperate cages, while NY has people all over the place. I think I'll probably watch more CSI NY (although it is another show in which I don't much care for the two mains - Gary Sinise and that one chick, I think her character's name is Stella?), all the guys but Gary Sinise are dead sexy. Even if two of them (um, the two who aren't Hawkes, and yes I did totally forget their names) have accents that take a little getting used to.
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MST3K - fish

I need a brain transplant, stat.

Memo to self: quit reading fanfiction for series you've seen one or less episodes of. That's right. Enough with the Sentinel and CSI: NY fanfiction already!

Self: But-but-but, the Danny/Flack! It's so PERFECT!

Second memo to self: Brain, quit contemplating Hawkes/Danny. You finally found a fandom where your favorite pairing is fairly popular, and therefore has fanfiction written for it! We don't want another mess like your Nick/Bobby love, do we? DO WE? I thought not. So stfu. (Besides, if we ship Danny/Flack, we keep Hawkes all to ourselves, that we do. Mm, Hawkes.)
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