December 22nd, 2005

MST3K - fish

Wanted: Eddie/Jimmy bases

I interrupt my own discovery of the CSI: New York fandom to bring you pretty pretty Lee Tergesen and Ryan Hurst (for the uninitiated, LT plays Eddie Drake, US Marshall, and RH plays Jimmy McGloin, ATF Special Agent, in the TNT original series Wanted).

Okay, so they're not really bases. They're just cropped pictures. I still don't care! The fact that I was able to find ten pictures of them together just through a casual perusal of a Lee Tergesen site shows you that they were obviously meant to be. MEANT. 2. BE.

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LOCI - books?

Book meme.

1. Take five books off your bookshelf.
2. Book #1 -- first sentence
3. Book #2 -- last sentence on page fifty
4. Book #3 -- second sentence on page one hundred
5. Book #4 -- next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty
6. Book #5 -- final sentence of the book
7. Make the five sentences into a paragraph:

Like a relentless boxer, rain beat down on the city, first jabbing with sharp needles, then smacking Seatttle with huge fat drops that hit like haymakers, the barrage punctuated by the ominous rumble of thunder and the eerie flash of lightning. "Everything'll be just fine." Oswalt's smile disappeared, his eyes darting around to see if any of the customers had heard Warrick. "So he stays in the cockpit, and we close the door." May their bones bring forth flowers.

Yeah, I don't know either. The only one y'all have a hope of guessing is the third. Maybe the first and fourth, if you're total geeks. The other two are so obscure even I'm looking at the books going, WTF is this?

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MST3K - fish

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Oh. My. God. I always forget exactly how much I hate Horatio Caine until I see him again.

Mac: "...can I help you?"
HoCaine: "My name is Caine. Miami. CSI. I'm... investigating a double murder case."

Alright, my opinion of Mac just shot up about a billionty notches just from the very beginnings of his first encounter with the HoCaine.