December 26th, 2005

CJ - Smile

Time for the official 'what I got' post!

- $25 Barnes and Noble giftcard
- hand-made scarf from Grandma Margie (very soft!)
- Mal (from Serenity) action figure
- mini Swiss Army knife with 512MB flash drive built in
- two trivia/logic puzzle books
- American history trivia game
- dry erase board that hooks onto a car visor
- buzztime trivia game
- light decoration (has these tubes with flourescent light, so I can have my own rave)
- Marine Corps devil dog necklace
- CIA/FBI cup with built in straw
- Timex watch
- lots of chocolate
- two Stewie Griffin pens
- 3 Ninjas movie three-pack!!!!!!!

And the big stuff!
- picture taking binoculars
- punching bag!!!!

My faves are bolded, obviously. Though it's kinda sad that even my parents realize how geeky I am (the trivia games/books, and the Mal figure, and 3 Ninjas, and the Swiss Army knife/flash drive).

Also, according to the Internet, my X-Files season one and Homicide: Life on the Streets seasons 1 and 2 should come tomorrow in the mail. I've also downloaded three episodes of CSI:NY season two that I'm about to watch right now. Yesterday was good to me.
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Random CSINY tidbits.

On a case where a guy's brain basically slammed out of his skull.
Stella: "I knew it would be a no-brainer for you."
Hawkes: "...she didn't just say that."
Mac and Flack: "She did."

On a case about the death of a bike messenger. Danny delivers some bad news, Stella is upset.
Danny: "Hey, don't kill the messenger. [Pause.] See what I did there?"
Stella: "Yeah, it was cute."

That's one of the things I love best about CSI:NY. They say the most horrible jokes, and they're exactly the jokes you would say. And they all know how entirely horrible the jokes are. CSI has it too (Grissom's pre-credit one liner, Greg's jokes like "Urine trouble!"), but CSINY makes an art out of it.

Dude. In the first episode of second season, "The Way We Were" (by 46bliss, made famous by the VM episode "Silence of the Lamb") is played! Sweet! And no, there wasn't actually any of the lyrics. But I could still tell. Because I've listened to the VM soundtrack so much I can pick up the beginning of one of the songs when less than two seconds is played in a commercial, so I could pick out the song for this montage, yo.

I need a CSI:NY icon. Or two. Nah, three. It'll be Danny, Flack, and Hawkes. My boys. Oh yes.
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