December 30th, 2005

CJ - Golden Boy

Crossing Jordan repeat

I'm watching "Fire & Ice", a Crossing Jordan repeat. It's got some Bug/Lily, which is kinda cute, even if it's Bug/Lily sprinkling ashes and I don't like Lily or Lily/Bug.

However, it had one brilliant moment, when Jordan was going to visit the mother of a victim (who had tried to kill her daughter's killer, and Jordan made her put the gun down). The mother's all "So, what? Why are you here? You just care deeply about random strangers?" Jordan responds with something that's basically saying yes, and the lady just kind of sneers and goes "Aw, poor you" and basically slams the door in her face.

My other favorite part is after Peter's tried calling his ex-wife, and he winds up ripping the phone out of the wall and throws it at the floor. Macy's standing in the doorway, watching. Peter sees him, blinks, and goes "Guess I should check to see if anyone's watching before I throw a tantrum." And he says it all calm and collected-like, not whiny or angry. It's just plain AWESOME.

...I miss Peter. And now I miss Hawaii. Damn it.
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Mayor Hickey-doo got a 2005 Public Official of the Year award! Cool. I like him. In his election campaign commercials, he rode a motor scooter around Denver. It was awesome.