January 5th, 2006

CJ - Look Ma!

Warning: what follows is me panicking stupidly.

Oh, man. Leave in less than an hour and a half for my test/interview. May be about to pass out. Oh man.

Okay, this is going to go fine. Fine. Perfect. It's gonna be good. Breathe.

I'm totally going to pass out, aren't I? Oh man. That would make a good impression. NOT. Okay. So, the interview. Let's get our thoughts together, Bailey. What'm I good at, what'm I not so good at, what's the last book I read (don't answer Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys, even if it's true, because I don't want to shoot myself), what do I want out of the program, what I can I bring to the program, et cetera. I can do this. I bet that in three hours, I will be laughing at my panicking (oh please oh please oh please).

Okay. Stuff to do before I go: set up upstairs VCR to record Four Kings and CSI (should be back in time to watch CSI, but just in case). Finish reading Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys because otherwise it's going to bug the hell out of me. Change into suit jacket and pants, and find a shirt that will work under the suit jacket (no, my gray T-shirt does NOT count for that).

Okay. I can do this. I can do this. Easily.

Less than an hour now. Oh, man.
#s - Colby's like me

PARTAY, man!

Am now officially an Aurora Police Department Explorer Recruit. Feel free to mock my former meltdown, folks.


Academy starts the 21st, and will be every Saturday through the beginning of April, 8AM-5PM. Oh yes. And the last hour or so of every meeting will be fitness training. I will possibly die. But I'll have fun before then!

I'm also glad they're giving me two weeks to get in (slightly) better shape. Not dying during the initial physical fitness test would probably be a good thing.

Imma goin' ta sleep now, before my typing makes me seem like any more of an idiot.

(PS: Awesome CSI episode. Awesome awesome awesome. In Justice and Numb3rs on tomorrow.)

Oh, I lied, one last thing: in the written test, the memory section? Yeah, the scenario to memorize was the exact same one as in my Law Enforcement Exams book. No freakin' joke. White male, beard, jeans, white shoes, red and blue jacket, carrying white duffel. Hispanic male with a limp, mustache, wearing brown shoes, brown slacks, green shirt, carrying a blue duffel bag. Black male wearing black pants, black shoes, white shirt, green cap, carrying what looks to be a toolbox. White female, brown hair in ponytail, white pants, carrying sawed-off shotgun. And I knew all that without looking me up. Go on, quiz me on the get away vehicles, I dare ya.

Colby icon! I was looking through screencaps and found this one, and I totally do that, so I made the icon.