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January 6th, 2006

#s - okie dokie

#s Icons!

Just made four new Numb3rs icons, all of which have Colby in them. This is probably the only one I'll be using with any frequency, though. Because I say 'okie dokie' or variations thereof about every other comment I post. I'm an idiot like that.

And now, I really am tired, and have le school conference tomorrow morning.
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MST3K - fish

#s and In Justice!

Awesome Numb3rs episode. Spoilers here!Collapse )

In Justice was pretty cool too. Slightly weird to watch the first episode after the second, though.

I'm so tempted to watch Dark Angel or Oz right now. Damn it. I don't WANT to watch them, because then I'll want to read fic about them, and I've read most Oz fics I want to, and Dark Angel fics are about 150% crap. Maybe I should watch some Dark Angel and then write some Logan/Alec fics. Since there's less of those than, oh, ANYTHING ELSE. (And come on. They're so pretty.)

And now, my Colby icon where a guy is totally smacking his head on Colby's shoulder! WHOO!
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