January 9th, 2006

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I finished Meg Cabott's new book, Avalon High, and it made me think back to my first childhood reactions to the King Arthur stories (I consider 'childhood reactions to the King Arthur stories' to be the time before I was nine and got Le Morte d'Arthur). When I first heard about the whole Guinevere/Lancelot/Arthur thing, I totally hated both Guinevere and Lancelot. Actually detested them. And I didn't get why in the world everyone else thought Lancelot was such a great knight, if he was banging his supposed best friend's wife. And I wasn't even a super big fan of Arthur (I mean, it was like he was above being liked or disliked, y'know?). Merlin was sort of a non-entity for me. My favorite knights were Gawain (because he was basically the anti-Lancelot, I think) and Kay. I never knew why, but Kay was my favorite in all Arthurian legends. I think maybe because, like Mordred, I can see his side of everything (since he tends to be characterized as an idiotic jackass; see the Disney cartoon for further proof of that idea); and unlike Mordred, he doesn't do anything that you can't come back from. If that makes any sense. Hm.

Well, now I'm going to go and watch something. X-Files or Dark Angel, I think. That'd be nice.
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Aw. I repeat, AW!

My good ol' friends at TWoP (love ya, guys!) have released what was in the fortune cookie that Duncan gave Veronica in the flashback in NitW, and I want everyone who reads spoilers/has never seen Veronica Mars to read it, because it is ADORABLE, even if you don't know the characters.
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I think I'd marry an ex-boyfriend who gave me that.
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