January 19th, 2006

CSI - Hodges/Greg

HAIRCUT! HAAAAAIRCUT! And CSI episode reaction.

I totally look like a dumbass in that picture. Bwah. But guess what folks? Now I don't have to worry about ANYTHING to do with my hair! It's free! HOORAH! Low-maintenence and shorter showers, here I come! (Further note: this is the least amount of hair I've ever had. Even in fifth grade, with the bowl cut, or sixth/seventh with my shaved back of head, I had more hair.)

Spoilers for latest CSI episode.
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And now, I'm going to bed, so that I'll actually be AWAKE in Andrew's class.
#s - Colby's like me

The rest of my day.

Forgot to mention: before the haircut, me and my mum went to the police supply warehouse and Kohls, and I got approximately a billionty new clothes. Tomorrow I'll be wearing a completely new outfit, consisting of my new (beautiful!) boots, my navy blue BDU pants, black Velcro belt, blue shortsleeved Underarmor, red fleece vest, and dark blue winter jacket (the kind that you'd actually wear for like, hiking in snow).

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Foreign language
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