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January 20th, 2006

CHERUB - black shirt

In Justice and other random things.

7.15PM. Twelve hours from now and I will be getting ready to leave for police explorers academy.

7.52PM. I'm rewatching "Uncivilized", and Cassidy totally just asked what was going to happen to a dead guy's stamp collection. That amuses me SO much. And he just claimed that the Boy Scouts kicked him out for having no sense of direction.

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Now it's 9.00PM, and I should go to bed. I get up in... (Three plus six-thirty equals... nine and a half hours!) Instead I'll be watching Numb3rs and trying to put SOMETHING together for lunch for tomorrow.
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CJ - Look Ma!

Because I'm waiting to get tired enough to sleep.

0800-0830: Academy Introduction
0830-0900: Aurora Police Department Orientation
0900-1000: Explorer Post Orientation
1000-1200: Ethics
1200-1230: Lunch
1230-1430: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
1430-1530: Introduction to Physical Fitness
1530-1700: Physical Fitness Testing

I will be bringing sweatpants and sneakers (I don't want to work out in BDUs and boots), a water bottle, notebook paper, my packet of info they gave me when I was accepted, two black pens, a winter hat, gloves, and my lunch. Have no idea what that last item shall be. A microwave's available to us for lunch, but I'm so not into the mac & cheese, lasagna, or brocolli & cheese we've got here. I mean, ick. Actually, maybe I WILL bring the broc'n'chez. That wouldn't be such a bad lunch. My stomach's growling. I want some now. NOW, DAMN YOU! ...or not. Not's good too. At least I've solved the mystery of what to eat tomorrow, hoorah!