January 21st, 2006

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Craig Ferguson has this thing where he judges the winners of football games by their logo. He had this to say for the Broncos: headless horse, kind of a Mafia thing, looks like it's on steroids, botoxed cheeks, and an orange mullet. He's betting the Steelers, because the 70's are in now.

His prediction for the Super Bowl?: "Christmas ornaments versus the angry birds." (Steelers vs. Seahawks.)

Random funny thing from his bio on CBS.com: He is 6'2" not 5'11, like it says on the IMDB.

And now I really AM going to bed. Promise. I PROMISE! I HAVE TO GET UP IN SIX HOURS, I'M GOING TO BED NOW FOR REALS! ...I hope.
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WIP meme, SVU hilarity, and pimping.

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"Russian Love Poem" is on, and I. LOVE. Cassidy's "I swear I know this guy. Like, we went to school together, or were good friends, or something." And Cassidy totally knows him from commercials. Cassidy's totally like me when it comes to television-viewing. And he totally just used his tie to clean his sunglasses. Oh, I LOVE Cassidy.

And, of course, the "Excuse me. Are you mocking him?" line. I LOVE that line. Love it like a child.

And, finally:
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